Presentations from Session 6

Futures Research: Cognitive Neuroscience and Transformation

Towards the scientific integration of futures research and cognitive neuroscience
Osmo Kuusi

Towards a society of living: Connecting transformation, complexity theory and life sciences
Joséphine von Mitschke-Collande

Cultivating physiological coherence with possible futures
Tyler Mongan

Only human: Towards a neuroscience-based understanding of futurefacing organizational culture
Medina Abdelkader

Complexity and Systems Thinking in Governance

The future of government workforces: Serving the people in the 21st century
Katherine LY Green, Jennifer Jarratt & John B. Mahaffie

Business and Peacebuilding: Towards a framework for mapping governance linkages
Aviva Silburt

Ignorance and politically correct worst case scenarios of sociopolitical phenomena
Czesław Mesjasz

Futures of Energy

Future for bio-fuel consumption and energy security: India’s policy advocacy
N. Ashok Kumar

Futures images of a bioeconomy
Päivi Pelli, Teppo Hujala, Elena Kulikova & Timo Karjalainen

Can we overcome complexity with anticipation for climate compatible governance?
Joni Karjalainen & Juho Ruotsalainen

Clean transformation as a complex endeavour – The case study of Chile
Joni Karjalainen, Noora Vähäkari & Sirkka Heinonen

Strategic Thinking and Security Foresight

Navigating the great transition: Futures for a complex world
Fabienne Goux-Baudiment

Cyber security is likely to fail because we architect on the wrong assumptions – The flip side of exponential Internet growth will lead to massive security challenges
Michiel Jonker

Strategic foresight in the German armed forces
Henning Hetzer, Annika Vergin & Olaf Theiler

Rethinking the unthinkable – Revisiting the classics of nuclear strategy
Jan Hanska

Methods and Methodology of Futures Research

Grasping the future of digital society
Tomi Dufva & Mikko Dufva

Dancing with a wicked problem – Approaching designer’s deeper understanding of multisensory user experience through design diaries
Laura Mononen, Rebekah Rousi, Johanna Silvennoinen, Emma Vuorenmaa & Tiia-Elina Kokko

How futures thinking can benefit from design thinking and strategic thinking
Leon Young

A recipe for making deep, meaningful images of the future
Akhgar Kaboli & Petri Tapio

The Future of Work: An Interactive Workshop on Perspectives among Europe

Moderators and panelists: Cornelia Daheim, Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, Sirkka Heinonen, Ondrej Valenta, Ole Wintermann & Ibon Zugasti

City of Turku, Foresight System Round Table

The development process of the foresight and innovation system for city of Turku
Tarja Vuorinen

The case study of foresight capacity amongst leaders within the city of Turku
Anna Einola