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Travel tips from Norway to Turku

For participants coming from the conference of World Future Studies Federation (WFSF) 2017 in Jondal Norway this summer, we recommend to take flights from Oslo to Helsinki, for more frequent and flexible timetables of service. There are flights arriving at Turku, unfortunately there are no directly ones coming from Norway to Turku. We could not guarantee for flights with transfer that stop in the middle of your travel. Another alternative would be taking flights from Norway to Stockholm Sweden, where are regularly flights coming to Turku city every day. The interval city travels between Helsinki and Turku are highly convenient as the largest population lives within the region.

From Helsinki to Turku, there are regular running trains, coaches and private car rental service right after arrived at Helsinki-Vantaa International airport.  Here are links for more information.

Train Service:
Car Rental service:
Long Distance Bus service: or


Travel tips from Turku to Brussels

After the Futures of a Complex World conference ends in Finland, the Design Develop Transform DDT conference in Brussel Belgium starts right away, the summer of 2017 is the adventure for future minds to gather together.

Participants could travel from Turku to Brussel with flights that are having stops during the journey. The most efficient flights are direct ones that take off in Helsinki Vantaa International Airport, with several airlines to choose from, trips from Helsinki to Brussel are both comfortable and less time-consuming. Here are links for flight inquires.

For Flights from Helsinki, Finland to Brussel, Belgium:

There are ways to travel from Turku city to Helsinki airport, see links above. If you decided to travel form Turku airport, you could take the transfer in Helsinki before you check in the flight to Brussels. There are other routes as well, flights with the stop in Helsinki is the most convenient. If the direct flight is the first option, your flight starts from Helsinki Vantaa without any extra fatigue.

Turku Airport is 9 kilometers away from the downtown area of Turku, public transports or taxi are great choices to go.

For Flights from Turku, Finland to Brussel, Belgium: