Presentations from Session 5

Futures of Education, Art and Cultural Studies

Learning entangled empathy with trees: Experiences from the joint drama educational arts-science project concerning connection of climate change and loss of biodiversity
Heli Aaltonen

FUTURES of learning and negotiation, policy-making, and awareness/consciousness
See also: video of the presentation
Heiner Benking

Resilient Futures: Water Safety

Global water ecosystem – Past, present, future?
Tarja Meristö & Jukka Laitinen

Ignorance of economics undermines water services – and our resilient future
Jarmo J. Hukka

How complex technological systems act as a mediator between City’s socio-technological system and nature’s materiality − A case study of the Helsinki’s water supply system [not to be published]
Lassi Lemponen

Complexity in Future Cities

Fast forward: Multimodal transportation in the Greater Golden Horseshoe
Helen Kerr

Do cities need systematic futures thinking?
Waltraut Ritter

People and mobility in Turku: Futures of mobility as a subsystem of a complex city
Nicolas A. Balcom Raleigh, Anna Kirveenummi, Ellinoora Leino-Richert, Hoa Nguyen, Sari Puustinen & Markku Wilenius

Case Studies: China and Countries outside Europe

China 2030 or the way towards a viable cooperation with China
Epaminondas Christofilopoulos, Stavros Mantzanakis, Tomas Larsson & Constantine Styliaras

Economic growth and gross domestic expenditure on R&D in G7-countries and BRICS –countries: A long run comparative synergy analyses in 1997–2014
Jari Kaivo- oja, Jyrki Luukkanen & Teemu Haukioja

Disruptive factors affecting the E-Commerce industry in China up to 2030: A consumer Delphi study
Yuan Qi & Petri Tapio

The application of Causal Layered Analysis to understand the present conditions & possible futures of media politics in Iran
Sara Talebian & Hamed Talebian

Gaming and Virtual Reality in Futures Research

Virtual reality in future studies: Chances and risks of using VR-technology for and in future studies
Aileen Moeck & Markus Meißner

Gaming, a non-linear method to think and navigate the current complex world
Camille Souhard

Narrative gaming – gaming narratives
Nele Fischer & Sascha Dannenberg

Hallituksen tulevaisuusselonteko työn murroksesta (in Finnish)

Hallituksen tulevaisuusselonteko työn murroksesta
Kaisa Oksanen