Presentations from Session 1

Complexity and Systems Thinking

Complex systems studies and predictability of sociopolitical phenomena
Czeslaw Mesjasz

Will the future of public administrations be innovative though disruptive? Insights from Wallonia
Vincent Calay, Jean-Luc Guyot & Maxime Petit Jean

The future of deliberative policy-making in Finnish welfare services
Hanna-Kaisa Pernaa

How to overcome barriers for innovations in organizations from the public sector – the Local governments for the future
Karolina Mackiewicz

Futures of Energy: Methodologies

Strangers in the night? Analysing the developer – User nexus in scenario practice through concepts of plausibility
Ricarda Scheele

Understanding smart energy transition: Tapping into experts’ views on future energy market disruption in Finland
Tatu Marttila, Tero Ahonen, Mikko Jalas & Mikko Rask

What are the conditions for scenarios to configure policy making? A comparative analysis of four energy foresight studies for Wallonia (Belgium)
Aurore Fransolet

Synergies and trade-offs between energy efficiency and sustainability indicators: The EU-28 study of sustainable energy use
Jari Kaivo-oja, Jyrki Luukkanen & Jarmo Vehmas

Education in Futures Studies

When futures meets engineering: Pedagogical journey and learning
Mei-Mei Song & Shang-Hsien Hsieh

Educational foresight-event and personal-resource mapping as methods of developing future
Tatiana Yakubovskaya & Tatiana Kovaleva

Future scenarios: A tool to make students and citizens more aware of future technological change
Cristina Pozzi & Andrea Dusi

Strategic foresight as experiential education
Tamás Gáspár

Futures Organizations and Businesses Innovation

Future software organizations – Agile goals and roles
Maarit Laanti & Petri Kettunen

From interactions to cocreation. A systems view on digitalisation and the thereby changing
management practices
Sanna Ketonen-Oksi

How strategic foresight is used in strategy implementation: Exploring cases of business model
Christina Bidmon, Kirstin Bosbach & Anne-Sophie Brillinger

FUTURING – the future intelligence for organizations
Vicente Marrama

Methods and Methodology of Futures Research

No theory, methodological chaos in scenario planning
Matthew J. Spaniol & Nicholas J. Rowland

Methods for sustainability assessments of future scenarios
Eléonore Fauré, Yevgeniya Arushanyan, Elisabeth Ekener, Sofiia Miliutenko & Göran

The past and the future are both foreign countries
Carlos López Galviz

A discussion on the complex consequences of Anticipatory Systems theories on futures
Ted Fuller

Special Session with Keynote Speech: Aging Society and Urbanization

Towards multi-generational cohabitation in the era of matured aging society; from the perspective of S&T foresight in Japan [not to be published]
Naoki Saito

Critical futures of aging in society- enabling futures of intergenerational knowledge creation
Nourhan Hegazy

Engineering future cities – The value of extreme scenario methodologies
Christopher D. F. Roger

Futures of University and Scientific Knowledge Workshop

Contents of the workshop
Leena Jokinen

Åbo Akademi University’s present role in the Nordic scientific community and its future prospects
Nina Kivinen

Tampere New University – Guidelines for remodeling the university
Pirjo Kuhanen