Presentations from Session 3

Challenges and Opportunities for Global Governance

Reaching zeitgeist: on complexity, decision making and participatory foresight
Enric Bas & Michal Pazour

(A)Political futures: Examining the rise and role of fiscal councils in global governance and policy making
Stuart Connor

The science of laws: Impact on 21st century governance
David G. Schrunk

Exploring the future of science and innovation diplomacy
Jos Leijten & Daniel Gehrt

Futures Education

Ugly and its interpretations in craft
Ana Nuutinen, Textile and Clothing Design, University of Lapland, Finland

Particularities of educational practice for developing futures and foresight literacy in Finland and Russia (comparative analysis)
Tatiana Yakubovskaya

On futures of geographic information
Toni Ahlqvist

Futures of Consumption and the Economy

Measuring tomorrow’s economy: Which tools for measuring and analyzing circular and collaborative economies?
Sébastien Brunet, Vincent Calay & Jean-Luc Guyot

What future for businesses in Visegrad countries?
Anna Kononiuk, Anna Sacio-Szymańska & Judit Gaspar

Future studies of tacit knowledge innovation in exploring generational change and enterprise
development in family business
Lee Kean Yew

Technology Foresight: an Era of Transformation, Human and Technology Interaction

Partnering with AI for a humane future
Fiona Kerr

Options for future human evolution: Technology/transhumanist, sustainability, civilization,
consciousness, and space-based perspectives
Linda Groff

The role of technology futures analysis in e-government: A systematic literature review
Jenny Marcela Sánchez-Torres & Ian Miles

Methods and Methodology of Futures Research

Beyond internal consistency: An alternative technique to choose most relevant scenarios for cross-impact balance (CIB) method
Arash Shojachaikar & Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle

Axiom method for cross-impact modelling and analysis
Juha Panula-Ontto

Hybrid scenarios for the future
Petri Tapio & Akhgar Kaboli

Integration of trends monitoring and bibliometric analysis into technology road mapping: The case of unmanned aerial vechicles (UAVs) [not to be published]
Nadezhda Mikova

Futures Studies in Science and Technology

Beyond Turing? The notion of economic performance in the new normal
Michael König

Science and Technology: enablers or inhibitors of fairness and sustainability in a complex world?
Carlos Alvarez-Pereira

For an Inclusive Innovation. Healing the fracture between the human and the technological
Piero Dominici

Futures Consciousness − Participatory Workshop

The five dimensions of futures consciousness and how to measure them [not to be published]
Sanna Ahvenharju, Matti Minkkinen & Fanny Lalot