Presentations from Session 4

Futures Education

ICT impact on the future of education
Reyhan Huseynova

Plan Ceibal 2020: Future scenarios for technology and education
Matías Mateu, Cristóbal Cobo & John Moravec

Futures guidance as a means to promote futures thinking
Leena Jokinen, Johanna Ollila, Sari Miettinen, Nina Pietikäinen & Katariina Heikkilä

Teach the Future
Peter Bishop & Erica Bol

Resilient Futures: Food Safety

Food safety and nutrition – How to prepare for a challenging future?
Anne-Katrin Bock & Laurent Bontoux

Institutional interventions to prepare Indian farmers for a complex future
M.V. Ashok

Transformative spaces for agriculture? Analysing how Finnish farmers discuss their work
Maria Höyssä

How to utilize resilience approach when constructing scenarios?
Titta Tapiola

Innovation in Future Energy

Surprise as the new normal – Implications for energy security
Sirkka Heinonen, Joni Karjalainen & Karlheinz Steinmüller

Transition towards long-term sustainability of the Finnish energy system [not to be published]
Michael Child & Christian Breyer

The postnormality of renewable energy – Complexity, contradictions and chaos in a world
of abundance
Juho Ruotsalainen, Sirkka Heinonen, Joni Karjalainen & Marjukka Parkkinen

Understanding smart energy transition: Insights to the future energy technologies and their market disruption in Finland
Tero Ahonen, Tatu Marttila, Igor Dyukov & Mikko Jalas

Key trends of energy efficiency in the EU-28 region
Jarmo Vehmas, Jyrki Luukkanen & Jari Kaivo-oja

Futures Technology in Health and Well-Being

Drivers, trends and scenarios for the future of health in Europe: Impressions from the FRESHER project
Susanne Giesecke & Beatrix Wepner

Quantification of selves – The future of personal data
Daniela Gutierrez

Nursing and technology foresight in futures of a complex world
Mohammad Reza Dawuodi

The future of drug development and pricing
Philippe Vandenbroeck, Irina Cleemput & Lydia de Heij

Methods and Methodology of Futures Research

Futures knowledge management in and after a futures workshop
Hanna Heino

Towards a larger Delphi panel: Delphi study of 200 experts completed with futures workshops on lake restoration
Nina A. Nygrén & Petri Tapio

Experiencing insight: Engaging complexity with ‘scalable fruit’
Amos Taylor

Methods mashup for generating visions of a good anthropocene in Southern Africa: From seeds to scenarios
Tanja Hichert

Curating the complexity – Futures workshop session, part 1.

Contents of the workshop
Katriina Siivonen, Pasi Hario, Marjukka Parkkinen & Satu Tuittila

The Role of Visions in a Scenario Process – Case “Winland”

The Role of Visions in a Scenario Process – Case Winland
Marko Keskinen, Matti Minkkinen, Burkhard Auffermann & Riikka Saarimaa