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Futures of a complex world. European Journal of Futures Research 2018.

Saarimaa, Riikka & Wilenius, Markku (editors) Futures of a Complex World. Proceedings of the Conference “Futures of a Complex World”, 12–13 June 2017, Turku, Finland. FFRC eBOOK 2/2018, Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku. 286 p. ISBN 978-952-249-499-3, ISSN 1797-1322.


Presentations and photos are now available.

Please, give us feedback on the conference via short questionnaire. Thank you!

Deadline for Full Papers is on 4 September.

Save the date: Next Futures Conference “Energizing Futures – Sustainable Development and Energy in Transition”, 13–14 June 2018, Tampere, Finland.